Fresh milk across half the world in three days. What is the CIIE Story of the "Internet Sensation”?

During the 2019 Spring Festival, in a small town with a population of less than 320,000 in northwest China, Wang Gang was surprised to find the same imported milk brand in his hometown as he saw at the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) last November.

Theland milk appeared in the supermarket in Pingluo County, Shizuishan City, Ningxia
This scene at the supermarket of Pingluo county showed the strong growth of the Chinese domestic demand market. According to data from Alibaba's platform, current consumption in 3rd-tier and 4th-tier cities increased last year, accounting for 24.9 % and 26.1% respectively, leading all the cities in China. A series of eye-catching data has highlighted the great potential and resilience of the Chinese economy, and the prospects for future economic development are promising.

Theland milk reached the inland cities of China, reflecting that people who are thousands of miles away can now enjoy the spillover effect from the CIIE.

According to the figures provided by New Zealand dairy company Theland, during the 1st CIIE, Theland reached strategic cooperation with more than 10 Chinese enterprises, including Fresh Hema. It signed orders of over 1 billion RMB in just 6 days. After the 1st CIIE, Theland developed rapidly with the help of the spillover effect of the Expo. The monthly sales volume of "CIIE Exhibition Brand" milk is 36 times of that before the Expo. It ranked No.1 in the sales volume of imported dairy products in Fresh Hema and also won the “Champion of imported dairy products” in their TMall Flagship Store.

The 1st CIIE has set up a stage for China and other countries to engage in global openness and cooperation. With this energy being unleashed, the world will benefit from China's high-level transparency and high-quality developments.

During the 1st CIIE, Theland dairy products became the “internet sensation".
The original story began two years ago. Theland has enjoyed the Shanghai trade facilitation policy before the 1st CIIE.
As is widely known, fresh milk has extremely strict requirements for its storage conditions. In the past, the inspection and quarantine of imported dairy products to China needed at least seven to eight days. Following a series of complicated processes such as customs clearance, air transport and storage, imported dairy products are faced with a more serious challenge: their shelf life is less than half of this time. This not only affects the consumer's shopping experience and taste but also makes high-quality and safe imported dairy products lose their core competitiveness.
A critical internal institutional innovation has solved a problem that has affected imported dairy products for years.
On December 28, 2017, Shanghai Customs (formerly Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau) and Changning District People's Government reached an agreement on facilitation pilot cooperation and implemented a new model of differentiated classification management for five pilot enterprises to maximize trade facilitation.

Five Changning-based companies including Theland have been approved for a trial fast-track quarantine and inspection process for their imports. Theland signed the quality and safety commitment on site.

Thanks to the government's comprehensive ability to support the trade facilitation of enterprises, Theland achieved the customs clearance of "zero wait"! Milking and bottling on Monday in New Zealand, departed from New Zealand to China by airfreight on Tuesday, arrival at Pudong Airport on Wednesday, displayed on supermarket shelves on Thursday! It only takes three days from the New Zealand farm to the consumer’s table in China!

A bottle of fresh milk flying halfway across the world essentially transcends the numerous tests of the business environment.
"Theland achieves lots of marks in the Chinese market all the way, fully benefited from the innovative trade facilitation system. The policy allows businesses to boost efficiency and has an uptick in sales. The policy not only promoted the retail consumption in big cities, but also help the product reach small and medium-sized cities and towns.
Sheng Wenhao, CEO of Theland New Cloud said: ”As one of the first companies to sign contracts to participate in the 2nd CIIE, Theland is prepared to join the 2nd CIIE proactively. We expanded the booth area by 50%, we will launch CIIE Exhibition Brand Products for the Expo.”

In upcoming November, the 2nd CIIE will be held in Shanghai, China will welcome distinguished guests from all over the world.

China is looking forward to share these great opportunities with global partners and friends.

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